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  High King

The invading hordes have reached the throne room! Crush the tyrannical monarch
or escort your king to safety in this variant of the ancient Norse game
Hnefatafl. Game Gardens Challenge 2006 Entry.

I have made every attempt to keep the code clean, readable, and maintainable.
That said, this entire game was written from the ground up in the span of
three weeks so you will undoubtedly encounter "huh?" moments where I've
been forced to compromise design for the sake of expediency.

The code is liberally commented so I could keep everything straight in the game
while I learned the Narya and Nenya libraries. Hopefully it will make it far
easier to read and understand; all the better for the contest, I can only hope.

The game was originally called Hnefatafl thus all the file names, class names,
documentation, etc. refer to this name. Upon changing the name to High King (to
give my game a unique identity separate from its inspiration) I elected to keep
the original name internally.

I have omitted the view and game logic test code from this distribution simply
because it is a mess; to gaze upon it would be painful at best.

Code: Eric Woroshow
Artwork: Eric Woroshow, with resources adapted from Three Rings Design Inc.
Design: Hnefatafl (lit. King's Table) is a board game that was popular in
        Viking Age Scandinavia up until its replacement by chess in the
        eleventh and twelfth centuries. This game, however, models and adapts a
        little-known Scottish variant called Ard-Ri. In its standard form, the
        game is inherently unbalanced; this implementation tweaks the rules in
        an attempt to provide an even playing field. These modifications are my
        unique contribution to the game design - I hope you like them!

To everyone in the Game Gardens community who has helped make it easy for me to
create a fun game, and to all my friends I conned in to playing with me.


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