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Python 3 library for reading and writing warc files
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warc3: Python3 library to work with WARC files

Note: This is a fork of the original (now dead) warc repository.

WARC (Web ARChive) is a file format for storing web crawls.

This warc library makes it very easy to work with WARC files.:

import warc
with"test.warc") as f:
    for record in f:
        print record['WARC-Target-URI'], record['Content-Length']


The documentation of the warc library is available at

Apart from the install from pip, which will not work for this warc3 version, the interface as described there is unchanged.


This software is licensed under GPL v2. See LICENSE file for details.


Original Python2 Versions:

  • Anand Chitipothu
  • Noufal Ibrahim

Python3 Port:

  • Ryan Chartier
  • Jan Pieter Bruins Slot
  • Almer S. Tigelaar
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