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The core Error Tracker SDK for PHP. This library is for interacting with the Error Tracker API with PHP. You can also use this package for registering an error handler for a vanilla PHP app.

Who is this for?

  • Developers who need a universal view of errors and bugs - before their client or users complain.
  • Developers who need raw access to the API so you can report your own errors.
  • Those using a native PHP application and need to register an error handler.
  • Developers creating a third party plug-in for an unsupported PHP framework.
  • QA / Testers who need an overall knowledge of errors across multiple systems


You can install this package with composer.

composer require erorr-traker/php-sdk

The API Client

The API client class can be used to access to the Error Tracker API


use ErrorTracker\Client;

$client = new Client('APP_KEY');

Reporting an error

    'name' => 'The error name',
    'text' => 'A message about the error'

The Error Handler

If you are using a vanilla PHP application you can register an error handler to catch your errors and sent them straight to Error Tracker. Simply create a new instance of the Handler class.

use ErrorTracker\Handler;

new Handler('MY_APP_KEY');

Disable and enable sending errors with the enabled property of the Handler class

$handler = new Handler('MY_APP_KEY');

// Turn off
$handler->enabled = false;

// Turn back on
$handler->enabled = true;

Unregister the handlers by using the unregister function



Getting set up

Clone the repo and run composer install. Then start hacking!


All new features of bug fixes must be tested. Testing is with phpunit and can be run with the following command

composer run-script test

Coding Standards

This library uses psr2 coding standards and squizlabs/php_codesniffer for linting. There is a composer script for this:

composer run-script lint

Pull Requests

Before you create a pull request with you changes, the pre-commit script must pass. That can be run as follows:

composer run-script pre-commit


This package is created and maintained by