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// Destroy an actor and then immediately abort coroutines on it. Use this to prevent your
// coroutines from occasionally ticking for 1 more frame after you destroy your actor.
// Params:
// consider_successful?: Indicates whether the aborted coroutines should be considered
// a successful completion or an error condition.
// Notes: Using this everywhere in place of destroy_actor prevents you from having to
// constantly check if your actor is valid/not-null in your coroutines.
// Examples:
// _doing_something_for_a_long_time
// destroy_sk_actor
(Boolean consider_successful? : true)
// Logic says maybe you'd want to do this in the opposite order. But what I experienced
// is that aborting coroutines would sometimes cause .this to become null and trap the
// actor in some quasi-destroyed state. This may have been due to improper detection
// and addition of the SkDataComponent (a bug).
// Regardless of the cause, destruction is latent anyways and using this order works
// reliably.
destroy_actor when valid?
// This gets called as a natural consequence of destroy_actor but often not until the
// next frame.