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Details and Stuff#


This is a plugin to integrate the Steamworks SDK into the Shiva 3D game engine. Right now this is built with:

  • Steamworks 1.29a
  • Shiva 1.9.2

Linux Support

The Linux version of the plugin builds, but the binaries are out of date. The reason I haven't updated the binaries is due to linux builds having several issues when combined with the Steam client. These issues have been reported.


This plugin was started as a joint effort between Shaderman and error454. error454 now maintains it and uses it in Rage Runner.

Get the stuff

If you don't need to modify the C++ portion of the plugin in any way, then download the

Basic Configuration

  1. Add the file steam_appid.txt to the folder where your shiva editor executable is.
    1. In the file, put your steam app ID, or 480 if you want to run in test mode. (480 is the appid of Spacewar, the Steam SDK test project)
  2. Add the Steam AI as a user AI
  3. Add the Steam plugin to your project.
  4. Edit the statsInit function and insert all of the stat names/types for your game.
  5. Edit the achievementsInit function and add all your achievement identifiers.

Debug Mode

If you want to run in debug mode, set the bDebug variable to true.


When the Steam SDK initializes, it automatically grabs the stats and achievements for the current user. When those are available, onUserStatsReceived will be called. This callback will only be called once, after which you can interact with Stats and Achievements.



Use Steamworks.GetStat to get stat details. See debugPrintStats for an example of how to use these.


Use the handlers:

onStatIncrement ( sStatID, nDelta, nTime )
onStatSetMax ( sStatID, nValue )



Use the Steamworks.GetAchievement* to get achievement information. See debugPrintStats for an example of how to use these.


Use the handler:

onAchievementUnlock ( sAchievementID )


When you increment stats and unlock achievements, the changes aren't committed to the Steam servers until you call the handler:

onStatStore ( )

It's recommended to call this handler periodically. For instance, if you want users to immediately see when an achievement has been unlocked you should call onStatStore after unlocking the achievement.



To get leaderboard entries, call:

onDownloadScores ( sAI, sHandler, sLeaderboardName, kLeaderboardRequest, start, nEnd )

You'll receive a callback to sAI, sHandler when the scores are available. The parameters passed to the callback are:

nResult, nTotalResults, nGlobalRank, nScore, sUser


To submit a highscore to a leaderboard, call:

onSubmitHighscore ( sLeaderboardName, nScore )

Workshop Stuff

If you are implementing Steam Workshop, you'll need to do some additional configuration:

  1. Create any required folders in onInit for example:

    Steamworks.MakeDir ( system.getDocumentsDirectory ( ) .. "/RageRunner" ) Steamworks.MakeDir ( system.getDocumentsDirectory ( ) .. "/RageRunner/Mine" ) Steamworks.MakeDir ( system.getDocumentsDirectory ( ) .. "/RageRunner/UGC" )

  2. In Running->onEnter set your UGC download location and initiate the first workshop query.

    -- Where the UGC downloads too, note that this was created in onInit Steamworks.SetUGCDownloadLocation ( system.getDocumentsDirectory ( ) .. "/RageRunner/UGC/" )

    -- Init the Workshop Query variables this.nLastWorkshopQuery ( Steamworks.kWorkshopQuerySubscribed ) this.nLastWorkshopSort ( Steamworks.kWorkshopListSortSubscriptionDateDesc ) this.nLastQueryPage ( 1 ) this.bForceDownloadAfterQuery ( true )

    -- Query the workshop content, this will download any subscribed workshop items Steamworks.QueryWorkshopUserContent ( this.nLastWorkshopQuery ( ), this.nLastWorkshopSort ( ), this.sAppID ( ), this.sAppID ( ), this.nLastQueryPage ( ) )

The remaining workshop stuff, well, I'm too lazy to document it right now, it works similarly to the leaderboards and is fully implemented.

Misc Functions and Callbacks

onGameOverlayActivated ( bActivated )

Called when the steam overlay is activated/deactivated. It's a good idea to pause/unpause your game here.

onOpenItemInBrowser ( sItem )

Will open a steam item ID in the built-in steam browser.

If you need to know whether the Steam overlay is active you can call:

Steam.overlayActive ( )

Platform Packaging Caveats


You will need to package the file that is in Plugins\com.shaderman.steamworks\Contents\Linux with your game. Note that this file comes from the Steam SDK, so if you recompile, you'll need to grab the version you compiled with from the *Steamworks_SDK\redistributable_bin* folder.

The easiest way to do this is to place the file in a libs/ folder in your game root and then set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in a bash script before launching:

#Set library path to find

#Launch our game


Steam SDK integration for Shiva 3D game engine.




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