A shoutcast stream player for android.
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As android has moved on, this code has become a bit obsolete. It doesn't work on newer devices and I don't care much to fix it. I'd recommend checking out the Shoutcast-Android project as an alternative for newer devices - it actually uses the android media service to stream the content directly as opposed to downloading a file and trying to get the media service to continue reading new blocks that are stuffed into the file.

White Label Shoutcast

White label what?

Quite a few people have their own Shoutcast radio station these days. There are a bunch of players out there either on the web or on the Android marketplace. The problem is that web pages typically don't play on Android and the marketplace apps have 1000's of other radio stations to choose from.

Wouldn't it be cooler to have your own dedicated app that only plays your station? The goal of this project is two-fold:

  1. To make an android app for my friends over at KOUV radio

  2. To make this app as generic as possible so that the next developer can drop in a logo, change a few text strings, find/replace the package name and send his friends their own player.

Current status

The player is in a basic working state. You can start/stop the stream. When the stream is started, a notification is placed in the Notification Bar. Stopping the stream removes the notification.

How to customize

  • Edit the 5 strings in brandable.xml, once of them is the address to your stream
  • Change the logo
  • Change the icon (it's from openclipart.org if you are looking for more)
  • Find/replace the package name com.shoutcastwhitelabel.player with your package name
  • Scream "booyah"


Huge thanks to the original author that I forked from, https://github.com/Dawnthorn/nagare