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### Author: Dag Wieers <>
class dstat_plugin(dstat):
def __init__(self): = 'extended nfs3 server operations'
self.nick = ('null', 'gatr', 'satr', 'look', 'aces', 'rdln', 'read', 'writ', 'crea', 'mkdr', 'syml', 'mknd', 'rm', 'rmdr', 'ren', 'link', 'rdir', 'rdr+', 'fstt', 'fsnf', 'path', 'cmmt')
self.vars = ('null', 'getattr', 'setattr', 'lookup', 'access', 'readlink', 'read', 'write', 'create', 'mkdir', 'symlink', 'mknod', 'remove', 'rmdir', 'rename', 'link', 'readdir', 'readdirplus', 'fsstat', 'fsinfo', 'pathconf', 'commit')
self.type = 'd'
self.width = 5
self.scale = 1000'/proc/net/rpc/nfsd')
def check(self):
info(1, 'Module %s is still experimental.' % self.filename)
def extract(self):
for l in self.splitlines():
if not l or l[0] != 'proc3': continue
for i, name in enumerate(self.vars):
self.set2[name] = long(l[i+2])
for name in self.vars:
self.val[name] = (self.set2[name] - self.set1[name]) * 1.0 / elapsed
if step == op.delay:
# vim:ts=4:sw=4:et
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