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v0: Start

Get the code

git clone
cd prom-java-demo

This demo requires a Kubernetes cluster with functional external load balancing, e.g. GKE. You also need to have kubectl, draft and helm commands in your shell's search path. You can create a GKE cluster like this:

gcloud container clusters create \
  --project=<project_id> \
  --zone="us-west1-a" \
  --machine-type=n1-standard-4 \
  --num-nodes=3 \
  --scopes=default,storage-rw \
gcloud container clusters get-credentials \
  --project=<project_id> \
  --zone="us-west1-a" \

Please note that storage-rw scope is required for Draft to work nicely with GCR (the Docker image registry in google cloud).

Install Draft (macOS):

brew install kubernetes-helm
helm init
brew tap azure/draft
brew install draft
kubectl apply -f infra/draftd.yaml

Next, log into Weave Cloud and follow installation instruction to configure the agents. You can skip Weave Cloud Deploy setup instuctions at this point.

Now, checkout the first version of the app

git checkout -q v1-hello-world
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