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Fork of PASTE from SourceForge

Our current goal is to improve as much as possible without changing the
database structure, mainly resolving bugs and quirky behaviour.

Requirements: PHP, MySQL

1.1> Create a database for the pastebin.
1.2> Add the tables to the database (paste.sql)
2> Edit the configuration file to suit your needs (config.php)
3> Upload all of the files to the webserver.
4> (Optional) If you want to use Apache's mod_rewrite for pastes,
simply edit htaccess.txt to suit your needs and rename it to .htaccess

UPGRADE from 1.0 to 1.1:
1> Unpack release
2> Replace previous files with new release
ie. no compatibility issues with database schema.

If you find any bugs, quirky or illogical behavior or have idea for how 
to improve the codebase, please open an issue at:

If you're feeling lucky/helpful, it doesn't hurt to file the issue at:
or either - since those
are the original issue trackers.

You can find support on IRC by connecting to in channel ##PASTE