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The responsive grid generator.
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Version: 0.2.7b

The easy way to produce customisable Responsive layouts

The project is live at

In your Gridpak you get

  • A CSS file with your media queries, and grid points
  • A LESS (.less) file that compiles down to CSS
  • A SCSS (.scss) file that compiles down to CSS
  • A JavaScript (.js) file that will overlay your grids at the touch of a button
  • Some PNGs for your baseline backgrounds as well as for use in your designs

Usage instructions

Running Gridpak locally

Gridpak is a Django application with a frontend controlled mostly by Backbone.js.

We prefer to run our Django projects using virtualenv, and while we won't go into detail on installing it, (you're all clever people: surely you can find a tutorial that suits you) here's the basic rundown:

  1. Create the directory to house Gridpak mkdir gridpak && cd gridpak
  2. Clone this repo into your directory, careful to use the name gridpak, otherwise Django will throw a hissy fit git clone gridpak
  3. Start a new virtual environment virtualenv --distribute env
  4. Activate that virtual environment source env/bin/activate you should then see that you're in the env environent in your bash
  5. Install all the requisit packages pip install -r gridpak/packages
  6. Create a file (you can copy the local_settings.sample.txt and it should work fine)
  7. Compile the LESS file so you don't get an error about not being able to find the layout stylesheets with less ./static/css/screen.less > ./static/css/screen.css
  8. You should now be able to run the app cd gridpak && python runserver
  9. Visit the url in your browser (http://localhost:8000 by default,) and you're away


We'd love feedback on the project, which you can send by email to gridpak [at], or from the issues on this GitHub project.

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