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EE2+ Version of the ED ImageResizer. Resizes, crops and caches images on the fly.
Latest commit 6a2f84d Sep 4, 2011 Wil Linssen updating version number


ED Image resizer for ExpressionEngine 2.x

Resize images on the fly


  1. Copy pi.ed_imageresizer.php to system/expressionengine/third_party/ed_imageresizer/
  2. Add path variables to your config at system/expressionengine/config/config.php:
$config['ed_server_path'] = '/var/www/html/'; // Server path to your site's web root
$config['ed_cache_path'] = '/var/www/html/media/images/resizer_cache/'; // Server path to where your resized images should be stored



  • image (string) required : the file to resize
  • maxWidth (integer) : maximum width of the resized image
  • maxHeight (integer) : maximum height of the resized image
  • forceWidth (boolean “yes” or “no”, default “no”) : will force the width, even if the original’s width is less
  • forceHeight (boolean “yes” or “no”, default “no”) : will force the height, even if the original’s height is less
  • cropratio (string format “integer:integer”) : crops the image to the defined ratio
  • default (string) : a backup image to use if the image is not found
  • alt (string) : an alt tag for the image
  • class (string) : a class for the image tag
  • id (string) : an ID for the image tag
  • title (string) : a title for the image tag
  • href_only (boolean “yes” or “no”, default “no”) : if yes, will return only the href, not the image tag
  • debug (boolean “yes” or “no”, default “no”) : will optionally output an error message if one is encountered, otherwise will fail silently
  • grayscale (boolean “yes” or “no”, default “no”) : grayscales the resized image

Usage example

    alt="Image description"

Would then output the following:

<img src="/media/images/resizer_cache/resized_image.jpg" width="100" height="120" alt="Image description" />
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