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Erskine's framework for rapidly developing the front-end of our projects

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The Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package

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The Ultimate Package is Erskine Design's framework for rapidly developing the front-end of our projects and is under constant development and improvement by the team at Erskine Design, who use it daily.

Please refer to the wiki for Erskine's front-end coding standards

Getting started

The package is a barebones framework to help you rapidly develop your projects. Create templates using the Twig template engine in /templates as you need them and use /templates/elements.html to check your styles.

If you run into any problems, read through the FAQs and if that doesn't help, then please raise an issue.

The app will render your template directly from the url, so if you go to /my/page.html it will render the template in /templates/my/page.html.

You can use screen-prototype.scss for prototyping and screen.scss for production work.

Requirements and setup

  • A PHP >= 5.3 web server to interpret the PHP files in the package
  • SASS >= 3.2.0.alpha.261 - Stylesheet language

Installing the Ultimate Package

  1. Clone the repository, git clone git:// or probably better still - download it so you don't have all of our Git history.
  2. Install Composer curl -s | php
  3. Install the requirements php composer.phar install
  4. Point your web server to the /public folder

Installing SASS

  1. Install: Run gem install sass from the terminal
  2. Enable: Run sass --watch public/static/scss:public/static/css --style expanded from the terminal within your project directory

Not designed for production!

This codebase is designed solely for development usage, we strongly advise you do not use it in production. The routing is as basic as possible, and thus has little protection built in.


The project is currently maintained by the team at Erskine Design. The original Ultimate Package was created by Greg Wood.


The Ultimate Package is Copyright © 2012 Erskine Design and is licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

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