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# this is a lanugage for describing an API. My thought is that it will be parsed by PHP (so I can call PHP functions from it) at first, and perhaps slowly moved to a much faster language if the concept proves solid.
# this document in particular is an example of how I would write a very simple web app in PHP. I'm aiming this to be a middleware for single-page apps (e.g. something written in Angular or React) where the developer wants to quickly build an API which is little more than a delivery system for static files and SQL calls.
# comments in Lanky are preceded with a hash
# we can route to a static file using the "static" keyword
# here, a call of any type (get, post, etc) to / is given index.html
static /static/index.html
# here is a post to login
# it takes two required (!) parameters in the post body
# it then calls the php function login (defined where?)
POST /login/!user/!password
php login($user, $password)
# register takes two required (!) and one optional parameter
# then it calls the register function
POST /register/!user/!password/:email
php register($user, $password, $email)
# if the user is authenticated and they attempt to get the profile page without params we show them their own user profile
# notice that we are just returning the results of an SQL query against some database. The frontend of the app handles the displaying of that data
# this is the main scenario where this language is useful
AUTH GET /profile
sql SELECT * FROM profiles WHERE user_id={{$_SESSION['user_id']}}
# throw a 403 if the user is not logged in
# the frontend should handle this case and present the login screen
# (perhaps for simplicity we would just do a php header('HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden') call)?
GET /profile
code 403
# here is a get request with a required get param. I'm thinking this handles both /profile/1 and /profile?user_id=1 (or maybe that's a setting somewhere)?
# I have a feeling we'll have to change the syntax for the SQL/PHP line for security purposes.
AUTH GET /profile/!user_id
sql SELECT * FROM profiles WHERE user_id={{$user_id}}
# If the user isn't authed then they only get some of the data.
GET /profile/!user_id
sql SELECT username FROM profiles WHERE user_id={{$user_id}}