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This is a C# .NET tool based on the Guild Wars 2 Combat Mode MOD & idea by Michael Puckett & Jayce. It's currently in closed BETA.

Why make another version?

There's a couple of reasons why I made another tool altogether:

Configurable Settings

This tool has a UI to configure all settings, so you don't need to dig into code to change options. I'm also planning to enable several settings, so you can have separate ones for each of your characters.

More Options

There are several additional options you can configure:

  • Shut down the tool when you close Guild Wars 2
  • Start the tool minimized (currently to the task bar, working on System Tray)
  • Vertical Offset for the cross-hair overlay
  • More control over cross-hair display in/out of combat mode
  • Auto-enable combat mode when using a skill key
  • Auto-switch combat mode when switching weapons
  • Auto-disable combat mode when chatting or opening UI windows (e.g. inventory, etc.)
  • Toggle tool visibility, so it's as close as possible to a GW2 UI window

Mouse Trap

These MODs (both the original and mine) require you to run Guild Wars 2 in Windowed Mode. If you have a dual screen setup, like me, you know what that means: the mouse is not "trapped" in your game screen but can move off to your second screen desktop while you're gaming. So I added an optional mouse trap that locks the mouse on the primary screen in Windowed Mode.


The original tool is written in AHK (AutoHotKey), which is an interpreter, not a compiler. This means every time the tool executes a line of code in the script, it is re-interpreted. For this reason, the original tool is kind of CPU hungry (it typically consumes between 5 & 10% of my CPU).

.NET is a JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler, which means the code is compiled ONCE and then executed natively - it is therefore much faster and requires much less CPU (the .NET version usually indicated between 0 and 1% of CPU usage in Task Manager).

Is this allowed?

This is the official response from ArenaNet on the original tool:

Our general statement is that anything that gives advantage is forbidden. There are many utilities that help the player without taking a hit on others, without, for instance, being a detriment to the other players in a match. TexMod is one example of a program that doesn't really give anyone an advantage over someone else. I've heard about certain programs that help disabled players, and those seem just fine, too. And of course there are others. We can't say "Sure, use this and that and that other thing" because that's tantamount to "approval," but we do recognize the distinction between advantage-giving programs and those that simply make it easier to play the game under specific circumstances.

The original and this version do not give player an unfair advantage, cannot be used for botting or game automation, nor do they modify the Guild Wars 2 client in any way.

Can I use it?

Right now, the goal is to test the tool with a limited number of people to make sure all the T's are crossed. An installer is available and will auto-update when new builds are available.

At this point, feedback from people that use non-US keyboards and non-standard GW2 installs (e.g. Steam) would be most welcome.