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This is my personal blog build with Jekyll and hosted by GitHub.

It is based on the jekyll-theme-hacker with some modifications and additions to suit my needs.

Feel free to fork it and share it!

How to use it

Fork and clone this repo

Use :~$ git clone <path to the repo>

Customize the blog and change the settings to suit your needs

Edit the _config.yml.

title: add a tittle for your blog.
description: a short description for your blog.
author: your name.
email: your email.
url: URL of your website.
owner: your name.
year: current year.

Edit the with info about you

Modify the layouts if you want to modify the site style

Local building

If you want to see your changes locally before pushing the blog to GitHub or wherever you are going to push it, you have to install all the packages and libraries and also ruby-devel according to your distribution. For more details and info go to Jekyll website.

When you have all installed run:

:~$ gem install jekyll
:~$ gem install jekyll-feed
:~$ gem install jekyll-paginate
:~$ jekyll serve --watch

Go to http://localhost:4000/.

note: if you want to host your blog with GitHub Pages just create a new repo and push your changes. For more info see: Jekyll and GitHub Pages


Creative Commons License This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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