C++ Channel communication single process and IPC.
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Pooled Channel in Local or Shared memory

Emanuele Ruffaldi 2014-2016

Conceptually similar to Python Queue

Bonus Shared memory

Bonus reader/writer scheme for large objects


Template <T, container > allows to specify the container (vector or list or array). Default is vector


Constructor specifies the policy:

PooledChannel(int n, bool adiscardold, bool aalwayslast)
  • n is the size of the buffer, n<=0 means infinite queue, but only if the container is not array<T,q>, otherwise use array size
  • adiscardold means that on overflow discard old data, otherwise discard new data
  • aalwayslast means that return only last one


  • write(const T &)
  • read(T &) returns bool
  • readNoWait(T&)
  • readySize() returns available data for read
  • freeSize() returns available data for write

In addition there is the transactional API


IPC Pooled Channel is provided using boost interprocess:

  • pool of multiple blocks
  • client connects to the pool and verifies type and buffer size
  • 1 reader and 1 writer

For a 3 buffer exchange we have around 12us exchange time


  • boost interprocess shared memory are dangling (see below)
  • resume of writer is supported (but has to be specific marked due to the previous issues)
  • starting of reader without writer is not supported
  • multiple reader or multiple writer is not supported

Currently we use boost for sharing in IPC case but there are other interesting options that overcome the issues with the naming scheme of boost/Unix shared memory:


Make examples similar to Go channels

TODO Regular

  • implement the lockfree scheme of boost using C++11 policy