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Hello World

This is a 100% static site with some neat blog-like features, an ultra simple codebase, and is also 100% open-source! In fact, you're reading the right now! Gulp runs /buildPages.js (src) which turns the /posts/ directory into a listing of static HTML files!

It's also about the 15th rewrite of this site, so thanks for coming back!

Develop locally:

Just run ./bin/, that's all! Write your /posts/ in pure markdown, then deploy!

1. A server you can SSH to:

(As the circleci user)

This one is pretty simple - Take a look at ./bin/ and ./bin/ Additionally, you'll need a directory that is writable: mkdir /home/circleci/

If this is the only site you're hosting, you literally cannot go small enough here. The site is entirely static and we'll work hard to cache and minify it aggressively.

2. A non-ssl bootstrap:

First, modify all the references to my website in ./bin/

Assuming you don't already have SSL certificates and want to use the LetsEncrypt setup here, you'll need to comment out the SSL section of the nginx configuration and run ./bin/, then ./bin/ - IE: You need a working HTTP service to collect your initial SSL certificates.

3. Permissions for the circleci user

The circleci user needs to be allowed to run two commands - copying the nginx configuration file and reloading nginx (see ./bin/ You'll want to add:

Cmnd_Alias DEPLOY_CMDS = /bin/cp /home/circleci/ /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/erulabs.conf, /usr/sbin/service nginx reload

to your /etc/sudoers file with visudo. Obviously, you'll also want to add an SSH key that circleci can use to deploy with!

4. Some blog posts!

Just modify posts in ./posts/ while running ./bin/!