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ag.vim is a plugin for vim which allows you to search over files using the silver searcher (ag).


:Ag [options] pattern [directory]

The :Ag command provides several features to make running ag easier:

  • :Ag supports command completion of:

    • patterns from your search history: You can hit <tab> when starting to run :Ag and you can choose from a list of 10 of your most recent searches. A common use case while editing code could be to hit * on a function name to search for occurrences in the current file, then to run :Ag <tab> to search for the function across all files.
    • ag options: If you type - and then hit <tab>, you can scroll through all the ag.vim supported ag options.
    • file/directory name to search in: Once you've supplied a search pattern, the next argument to :Ag is an optional directory or file to search in and you can make use of <tab> completion to choose that file or directory.

    Note: I highly recommend turning on vim's wildmenu support to get the most out of vim's command completion:

    set wildmenu
    set wildmode=longest:full,full
  • Some vim based regex atoms in the supplied pattern will be converted to their PCRE equivalent so that you can do something like hit * on a word in vim, then run :Ag <tab> or :Ag <c-r>/ to search for that word with ag without having to convert the pattern yourself:

    • Word boundaries: \<Word\> will be converted to \bWord\b
    • Non-greedy matches: foo.\{-}bar will be converted to foo.*?bar
  • The directory argument supplied to :Ag supports simple glob patterns. To simplify filtering of your search by file extension, you can pass a glob pattern to :Ag and it will convert it to a file search regex for ag. For example, to limit your search to only python files starting in some directory, you could run:

    :Ag FooBar foo/**/*.py

    This will be converted to the equivalent of running:

    :Ag -G foo/.*/[^/]*\.py$ FooBar


  • g:AgSmartCase (default: 0) - When set to a non-0 value, :Ag will run ag with the --smart-case option.


ag.vim also registers itself as a backend for eclim's :LocateFile functionality. You can even set ag as the default for non-eclim projects by adding the following to your vimrc:

let g:EclimLocateFileNonProjectScope = 'ag'

Note: requires eclim 2.2.5 or greater (or 1.7.13 or greater for Indigo users).