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Additional permission under GNU GPL version 3 section 7

If you modify this Program, or any covered work, by linking or combining it
with Eclipse (including any of the Eclipse addons listed below, or a modified
version of Eclipse or these addons), containing parts covered by the terms of
the EPL, the licensors of this Program grant you additional permission to
convey the resulting work.

Permission is granted to link this work with:
  - Eclipse (cdt, jdt, pdt, wst, and any other eclipse extension produced by
    the Eclipse Foundation under the terms of the EPL).


This product includes software developed by
  - The Apache Software Foundation (
  - The Codehaus (


In accordance with GNU GPL version 2, eclim includes an altered version of
vimplugin ( with changes including, but not limited to:
  - Retrieval of default gvim location and embed value from
  - Improved handling of invalid gvim path.
  - Graceful handling of gvim without netbeans integration enabled.
  - Graceful handling of gvim versions which don't support embedding.
  - Modified eclipse vim editor to always spawn a new gvim process.
  - Removed extraneous preferences.
  - Removed unused classes or those that don't fit within the eclim paradigm.
  - Added a debug console utilizing log4j instead of System.out
  - When a file is saved in gvim, notify eclipse of the save.
  - Fixed netbeans "function" calls to work properly.
  - Fixed cursor location restoration when re-focusing gvim editor.
  - Fixed insert/remove text on internal document to handle disjunct between
    vim byte offsets and java character offsets.
  - Added an ISourceViewer implementation allowing more eclipse features to act
    upon the gvim editor.
  - Added support for feeding keys from gvim to eclipse to support user mapped
    eclipse shortcuts inside of gvim.
  - Fixed possible key binding conflicts between eclipse and gvim when an
    embedded gvim editor has focus (Ctrl+W, Ctrl+U, etc.).
  - Fixed passing of user preference args to gvim when spawning external (non
    embedded) instance.
  - Fixed parsing of user preference args to handle quoted arguments.
  - Fixed closing of gvim from eclipse to wait on gvim to exit normally before
    forcibly destroying it.
  - Added support for auto starting eclimd view when a gvim editor is opened.

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