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TODO {{{
Bugs {{{
- Install w/ MyEclipse
- after external change by eclipse, all view info is lost (manual folds, etc).
- xml validate, if a doctype exists, but no dtd, then there is an error for
every element since they are "not declared" (ex. ant/cvs.xml).
<!DOCTYPE project [
<!ENTITY userlist SYSTEM "file:include/cvs-user-list.xml">
Tests {{{
- util classes and vim util functions
- project nature add/remove
- logger (custom logger)
- indenting test cases
- html validate: validation of nested javascript and css
- django functionality
- :EclimHelp, :EclimHelpGrep
- :Jps
Documentation {{{
- add menu of some sort in vimdocs
- consider a command to open topic in web docs
- boostrap theme
- on short pages, clicking subnav element force it to be "selected"
- eclipse version variable
- Sublime text like gif examples (issue #142):
Use byzanz
- Reference docs:
- note on using :EclimHelp
- suggest wildmenu settings
set wildmenu
set wildmode=longest:full,full
- Document eclim commands better by providing descriptions of the arguments
and perhaps using doclets to provide examples or to generate a separate
reference by command.
- add descriptions to the Command annotation
- Example docs for a command:
Gathers ant completion candidates for the given ant file in the given
project at the given offset.
java_complete -p project -f file -o offset -e encoding -l layout
* project: the project name
* file: the file, relative to the project root
* offset: the absolute offset for the context of completions
* encoding: The encoding of the file ( generally use utf8 )
* layout: the layout of the completion object ( only 'compact'? )
Results in the following json document which represents a list of
completions. Each completion object consists of the following keys:
* completion: The actual text used for replacement
* menu: descriptive text of the completion?
* info: additional information about the completion
* type: type of completion, valid options and their meanings are
* v: variable
* f: function
* t: type
Sample Result:
"menu":"args : String[]",
"info":"args : String[]",
"menu":"greet() : void - Hello",
"info":"greet() : void - Hello",
"menu":"Hello - test",
"info":"Hello - test",
"menu":"main(String... args) : void - Hello",
"info":"main(String... args) : void - Hello",
Common {{{
- add command to create project links
- leverage eclipse save actions
- settings export/import
- :LocateFile
- add 'recent' scope to search recently used files?
- need to keep track of n recently used files
- Filtering:
- <right click on the project> -> Properties -> Resource -> Resource Filters
- add ability to configure the eclipse resource filters
- :ProjectCreateWizard - use input()
- EclimValidate, per lang validation
- :verbose set completefunc?
- is the current file in a src path
- Flat or additionally filtered project tree view:
> In the window of "ProjectTree", Is there a way to hide any empty folder and
> only show a fatten view of current project. Just like the "Package
> Presentation -> Flat" does in Eclipse
- update nailgun to pass signals from client to server
- support ctrl-c on client killing process on server for :Java and :JUnit
- extend task and override createWatchdog() giving us a handle to the
process which we can call destroy() on.
- eclim console log
- debugger interface
(not windows compatible, but worth watching)
(probably not windows compatible either)
- replace eclim templates w/ eclipse templates
- org/eclipse/ui/texteditor/templates/
- list, edit, create, remove
- TemplateStore codeTemplateStore = JavaPlugin.getDefault().getCodeTemplateStore();
- ProjectTemplateStore projectStore = new ProjectTemplateStore(project.getProject());
- determines the user's default workspace using (account for
- In addition to marking lines w/ errors/warnings, highlight the offending text.
- CursorHold validation of files.
- via temp file?
- Support for starting/stopping eclim from vim
- fork eclimd
- buffer to tail the eclimd log
- Remote eclimd
- mount point for code/workspace location
- ~/.eclimrc (both sides need to agree)
- ~/.eclim/.eclimd_instances (client needs to read server created file)
Vimplugin {{{
- add an "Open in Eclipse" command from vim to open the current file in eclipse.
- command must check that the eclipse gui is running first.
- setting to force eclipse to not make gvim the default editor for each
file opened via gvim. Someone else also wants the opposite, where they
have vim as the default, but occasionaly open via the Java Editor
- funtionality should be added to VimEditorPartListener
- add an "Open With Gvim" command that can be bound to an eclipse key binding.
- Find the eclipse "Open Declaration" command for an example:
Command: Open Declaration
When: In Windows
Category: Navigate
- toggle between using embedded gvim and standard eclipse editor
- can we swap editors on the existing tab?
C/C++ {{{
- cdt
- project create
- handle dependent projects
- specify toolchain (command to list toolchains with a configuration)
- eclipse may have the notion of a "preferred" toolchain, so that
should be taken into consideration when determining the default
toolchain to use (see #278).
- specify project type (executable, shared library, static library, makefile project)
- makefile creation
- edit project config
- modify toolchain
- add/remove paths
- references (projects), source, output
- includes, symbols (macros?), library paths
- all of these support using environment variables in the path (or
value in the case of symbols): ${MY_VAR}. support variable
ICConfigurationDescription cfgDes =
IEnvironmentVariableManager mngr =
IEnvironmentVariable[] vars = mngr.getVariables(cfgDes, true);
- building c/c++ projects
- see org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.internal.core.HeadlessBuilder
- completion outside of a project
- a user says eclipse supports this
- :CppHierarchy command which opens a buffer showing the class hierarchy for
the current file.
- :C[pp]IncludeHierarchy command which opens a buffer showing hierarchy of each
header file included in the current source file.
- :CCorrect
- make file validation
- make code completion
Clojure {{{
Support send to repl.
Css {{{
- for css validation, attempt to provide messages for errors that the validator does not.
- FIRST, try checking out latest css validation code and see if they have any messages.
- * ie hacks.
- ignore error immediately following this error report (if not another valid error).
- missing closing }
- font: 100%;
- trailing , on list of selectors
- Check if additional css properties are provided by eclipse or added by
aptana (-moz-border-radius)
D {{{
Erlang {{{
Groovy {{{
- can we leverage the groovy ast to provide some simple functionality (like
rudimentary validation)?
- taglist support
Haskell {{{
Html {{{
- look into using jericho instead of tidy as the html validator.
- add support for validation via the w3c online validator
(be sure to support configuration of the url to post to for local installs)
Java {{{
Android {{{
$ git clone android-sdk/src
$ cd android-sdk/src
$ git co android_sdk-adt_<version>
$ cd eclipse/plugins/
- completion in android resource files (AndroidManifest.xml, etc)
- replace eclim import filters with
Preferences > Java > Appearance > Type Filters
- add, remove, set default vm install.
- :Java, :Javadoc
- allow specific jdk/jre to be used to run the command?
- :Java
- run via a system call so that ctrl-c from vim will kill it
- have eclimd create a temp build.xml and return the ant command string
to run.
- add option to 'spawn' the jvm to keep the program running while
returning to vim.
- add ability to supply jvm args, system properties, env vars, etc.
- Add simple :Jar command
- compile the project, alert if any compilation errors
- jar up the project's class files
- add option for the location of the project's manifest file if any
- add support for generating toString, equals, hasCode methods
- Support for running :JUnit / :Java via screen.vim
- Consider replacing :Java w/ a :ProjectRun command using eclipse launch
- :JavaDocSearch
- how to deal with headless installs? can we open the full class docs into a
- w3m -halfdump -cols <cols> (can support page anchors)
- get/set, construtor, etc. templates
- consider using the eclipse templates or giving the user that option
- :Jps handle errors when opening jconsole
- :JavaClassCreate create a new class
- handle locating the src dir, or prompting user if more than one
- handle creation of package dirs if necessary
- open new class in a split window
- Configure java code formatting from within vim
- eclipse java templates
- preview
- sub class CompilationUnitPreview and pull the preview text from fPreviewDocument
- jdt/internal/ui/preferences/formatter/
- jdt/internal/ui/preferences/formatter/
- jdt/internal/ui/preferences/formatter/
- generic support for java based xml config file validation
- support list of xpaths to class name attributes / values to validate
- create spring file validation of class names like w/ log4j.
- class name completion support
- refactoring support.
- Safe deletes. Check for references before deleting.
- Convert anonymous class into inner/outer class.
- Convert inner class to outer class.
- Extract interface.
- Push methods / fields up to superclass or down to subclass.
- Code "Clean Up"
- Remove Unused Code (imports, private methods, private constructors,
private types).
- JSE 5.0 (add missing @Override, add missing @Deprecated)
- JUnit
- results in the browser.
- When viewing a junit result file allow linking from stack trace
- File type support of junit result files w/ search functionality.
- Integrate with eclipse junit execution env and provide user with option to
choice which to use (eclipse or current external version).|external)
- validation, look into grabbing additional message that eclipse displays
that is not picked up by eclim
- Code:
List<String> hi = new ArrayList<String>();
- Messages:
1. not picked up by eclim: The type of the expression must be an array
type but it resolved to List<String>
2. picked up by eclim: Syntax error, insert "AssignmentOperator
Expression" to complete Expression"
- For commands that spawn temp buffer, assign a b:currentfile var to the
file that opened the buffer so that other commands can still be invoked
by changing the get file name function to examine b:currentfile.
- JavaImpl, JavaDelegate, JUnitImpl, JUnitResult
- automate switch statement generation for enums.
When switch(enum), create cases for all enum values.
- modify for loop abbreviations to increment the looping var if the current
one is taken. (ii, jj, kk, ll, mm, nn, ...)
- push method to interface... create method in interface from method in
- searching
- Expand searching from non java source files (spring xml, hibernate xml,
- Third party plugins may provide this functionality.
- content assist
- Generate anonymous class body, including all methods that need to be
implemented, from the start of defining one (new Runnable())
Eclipse Equiv: Ctrl+Space
- Create method from the call to one that does not yet exist or
change method signature (add/remove parameters/arguments).
Eclipse Equiv: Ctrl+1
- Create new field to hold constructor argument.
Eclipse Equiv: Ctrl+1
- Auto surround method call that throws an exception w/ try/catch
block or if surrounded and doesn't catch necessary exceptions,
add those catch statements.
Eclipse Equiv: Ctrl+1
- Wrap source block (selection) in do,if,for,try,while.
Eclipse Equiv: Ctrl+1
- many more provided by eclipse...
- code analysis
- Lint4j
- Coverclipse
- Other code coverage tools
- Other code analyizers
JDT Tips
JDT What's New
Javascript {{{ (formally an ebay project)
- node.js support aptana (owners of radrails) dltk (experimental)
- javascript code completion
- javascript doc lookup for common libraries
- :JavascriptDocSearch
- yui
- prototype
- jquery
- JsDoc generated docs
Jsp {{{
- syntax validation
- imports
- <%%>, <%=%> code completion
- <%@ page import="javax." %> completion
- <jsp: completion, with attribute name completion
- taglib completion (<core:<c-x><c-u>), including attribute name completion
Lua {{{
Maven {{{
- add vim logic to mimic old --find for :Mvn
- add perference to specify location of the pom.xml
Perl {{{
- syntax validation
perl -c [-W or -w] <file>
- static validation
- doc search on cpan
- format
Php {{{
Python {{{
- Pydev
- preview docstrings: PyTextHover.getHoverInfo
- code format: Ctrl+Shift+F
- organize imports: Ctrl+Shift+O
- refactor -> rename: Alt+Shift+R
- jython?
Ruby {{{
- switch to aptana
Scala {{{
- vim files for scala
SQL {{{
- sql pretty print
- antlr grammers for sql dialects (mysql, postgreql, oracle)
- contains a couple oracle pl/sql
grammers and an ansi sql grammer
Xml {{{
- handle connectivity issues on xml validate
Steps for new releases {{{
1) tag git and then build the distribution
$ git tag -a -m "<version>" <version>
$ ant dist
$ git push
$ git push --tags
2) create a release on github
Title: Eclim <version> (for Eclipse <version>, <Name>)
3) update documentation website
$ ant docs
$ cd gh-pages
$ git a 0-n
$ git ci -m "eclim docs <version>"
$ git push
Eclipse Docs {{{
Forcing system wide eclipse install to create user local configuration dirs:
$ eclipse -initialize
p2 director (install / upgrade)
Example: install feature org.eclipse.wst
./eclipse -nosplash -consolelog
-application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director
Example: uninstall feature org.eclipse.wst (not fully tested yet)
./eclipse -nosplash -consolelog
-application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director
Adding a new plugin {{{
Installer: (integrate these into $ ant plugin.create) add the following keys
- featureList.<plugin>
- featureList.<plugin>.html
dependencies.xml: add feature dependencies
FeatureProvider: add feature name, etc to constants
EclipsePluginStep: add feature to FeatureNameComparator
Troubleshooting {{{
- starting eclim without spawning separate console
> java -Dnailgun.server.port=9092
-jar plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_<version>.jar
-debug -consolelog -clean -refresh
-data @user.home/workspace.test
-application org.eclim.application
Minimum execution of vim w/ eclim support:
$ vim -u NONE -U NONE --cmd "set nocp | sy on | filetype plugin indent on | ru plugin/eclim.vim"
Pathogen, etc.:
$ vim -u NONE -U NONE --cmd \
"set nocp | sy on | filetype plugin indent on | set rtp+=$HOME/.vim/bundle/eclim | ru plugin/eclim.vim"
> "C:\Program Files\Vim\vim72\gvim"
-u NONE -U NONE --cmd "set nocp | sy on | filetype plugin indent on | ru plugin/eclim.vim"
Minimum execution of gvim inside of eclipse:
Window -> Preferences -> Vimplugin -> Additional gvim args:
-u NONE -U NONE --cmd "set nocp | sy on | filetype plugin indent on | ru plugin/eclim.vim"
When using a project created from eclipse, may get errors in log when saving +
closing a src file, complaining that the .swp file doesn't exist. To fix this,
you need to exclude the swp files from the eclipse build.
Project > Properties > (Java/PHP/etc) Build Path
Expand Source folder node
Select "Excluded"
Hit "Edit"
Add exclusion pattern: "**/*.swp"
Edit .classpath/.buildpath
Add attribute to src classpathentry/buildpathentry
You can use '|' to delineate multiple entries
Licensing {{{ (lists compatible, not-compatible licenses)
- GPLv3 and Apache are one way compatible (gpl code can link to apache code).
- GPL and EPL are not compatible
- But as copyright holder I can provide permission to link to eclipse:
- EPL also has a different definition of "derivative work": (#25 - 27)
- A few of my files may be considered derivative works and will need to
be licensed as EPL accordingly.
Autostart {{{
Gnome (this may work for enlightenment 17 and xfce4 as well)
$ mkdir -p ~/.config/autostart
$ cp $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins/org.eclim_<version>/bin/native/linux/eclimd.desktop ~/.config/autostart
$ mkdir -p ~/.kde/Autostart
$ cp $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins/org.eclim_<version>/bin/native/linux/eclimd ~/.kde/Autostart
$ vim ~/.xinitrc
/usr/local/java/eclipse/eclimd -b
Linux distro eclim dependency packages {{{
$ yum install vim eclipse-platform
# for building eclim:
$ yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
$ yum install ant
# Note: installing eclipse-platform is not enough
$ apt-get install vim eclipse
$ port install vim +huge
$ port install ctags
Misc {{{
Eclipse Color Themes:
Sourceforge shell access:
ssh -t USER, create
Git repos for vim:
Official hg repos for vim:
Building vim:
$ hg clone vim
$ cd vim/src
# to clean out any previous configure cache, etc.
$ make distclean
$ ./configure --with-features=huge --prefix=$HOME
$ make install
Build vim on windows w/ cygwin
$ cd vim/src
$ make -f Make_cyg.mak gvim.exe PYTHON=C:/Python26 PYTHON_VER=26
$ make -f Make_cyg.mak vim.exe GUI=no PYTHON=C:/Python26 PYTHON_VER=26
Building macvim on osx
$ git clone git:// macvim
$ cd macvim/src
$ ./configure --with-features=huge --enable-pythoninterp --with-macsdk=10.6
$ make
$ open MacVim/build/Release/
JRuby nailgun source:
Vim Patches of note {{{
- Patch 7.3.468: QuickFixCmdPre/Post now fired for cfile, lfile, etc.
- Patch 7.3.598: new autocmd: CompleteDone
Gant {{{
$ ./gradlew :gant:test
$ ./gradlew :gant:jar
Android {{{
adt source:
$ git clone android-sdk
$ cd android-sdk/eclipse/plugins
Arch packages:
Ruby {{{
Builtins are gathered using:
Completion of builtins not working for ruby 2.0?
$ ruby builtin.rb
builtin.rb:648:in `sort': comparison of Class with Class failed (ArgumentError)
from builtin.rb:648:in `process_all'
from builtin.rb:702:in `<main>'
I submitted a bug w/ a potential fix:
// vim:fdm=marker:tw=0