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ervandew committed 10986b5 Jun 14, 2017
should address issues with some shells (ipython 5.3 and possibly other
versions), where sending all the lines at once results in only the first
line being evaluated by the shell.

fixes #34


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May 15, 2013
May 15, 2013



screen.vim is a vim plugin which allows you to simulate a split shell in vim using either gnu screen or tmux, and to send selections to be evaluated by the program running in that shell:


After installing screen.vim and the terminal multiplexer of your choice, you can then run vim in a shell and execute :ScreenShell to start a new session where a shell will be opened in a bottom split of your multiplexer.

For gvim users, since you are not running vim in a console, :ScreenShell will instead attempt to open a terminal and start the multiplexer in there.

Once you have the shell open, you can then send visual selections to it using the command :ScreenSend.

Additional usage and configuration information can be found in the screen.vim help file.


Simulate a split shell in vim using gnu screen or tmux


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