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Supertab is a vim plugin which allows you to use <Tab> for all your insert completion needs (:help ins-completion).


  • Configurable to suit you needs:
    • Default completion type to use.
    • Prevent <Tab> from completing after/before defined patterns.
    • Close vim's completion preview window when code completion is finished.
    • When using other completion types, you can configure how long to 'remember' the current completion type before returning to the default.
    • Don't like using <Tab>? You can also configure a different pair of keys to scroll forwards and backwards through completion results.
  • Optional improved 'longest' completion support (after typing some characters, hitting <Tab> will highlight the next longest match).
  • Built in 'context' completion option which chooses the appropriate completion type based on the text preceding the cursor.
    • You can also plug in your own functions to determine which completion type to use.
  • Support for simple completion chaining (falling back to a different completion type, keyword completion for example, if omni or user completion returns no results).
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