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3.2 (Aug 7, 2012)

  • DEPRECATION NOTICE: Ruby 1.8 support dropped ! Mongoid 3.0 only supports MRI 1.9.3, and HEAD, and JRuby 1.6.0+ in 1.9 mode

  • removed dynamic_shortcuts arguments from the generator

    • to use dynamic shortcuts feature when you're using ActiveRecord, you have to enable it after running rake db:migrate as it relies on the roles table

  • support for Mongoid 3.x (thanks to @Leonas)

  • new class methods on the User class to find users depending on roles they have

  • added scopes to Role class to be able to fetch global, class scoped and instance scoped roles for a specific user

  • deletions of n-n relation are unreliable with Mongoid. Removing ids instead (thanks to @nfo)

  • has_role? method now supports new instance (i.e. record not saved in the database yet) (thanks to @demental)

  • added association callbacks (before|after)_add, (before|after)_remove on rolify method (thanks to @shekibobo)

  • added ability to pass an array of roles to Resource.with_role(), aliased by Resource.with_roles() (thanks to @lukes)

  • added option to have roles be destroyed by default if parent resource is destroyed (thanks to @treydock)

  • added new method only_has_role? to check if user has only a specific role (thanks to @jalcine)

  • better edge cases covering in the specs

  • fixed a bug regarding the loading order of the railtie when using Mongoid ORM and other gems using initializer files (thanks to @stigi)

  • fixed double quote syntax when using MySQL

  • fixed a nasty bug regarding class level queries (thanks to @kamrulhassan)

  • fixed uninitialized constant error in scopify method

  • documentation improvement

3.1 (Apr 6, 2012)

  • Mongoid adapter optimization

  • adapter code refactoring

  • generator now adds the role class name to the rolify method injected in the user class

  • fixed a bug on the generator when using a 2 words Camel case for the Role class name

  • DEPRECATION NOTICE: has_role and has_no_role have been depecrated. They are replaced by add_role and remove_role

  • some internals cleanup (backward compatible)

  • stop requiring active_record in rolify.rb to prevent other gems ORM detection issue

  • fixed a bug when removing a role to the user using Mongoid adapter

  • added indexes to generator for mongoid (thanks to @stigi)

  • fixed a bug regarding *with_role* method on resource classes (thanks to @nfo)

3.0 (Apr 2, 2012)

  • support for Mongoid

  • roles search on resources on instance level (e.g. Forum.first.roles) and class level (e.g. Forum.with_role("admin", user))

  • heavy lifting and redesign of the library, code and specs refactoring

  • enhanced drastically specs coverage: 1001 examples !

2.2.2 (Feb 17, 2012)

  • fixed another bug occurring when dynamic shortcuts is enabled

  • display now a README file after running the generator to show the next setup steps

2.2.1 (Jan 24, 2012)

  • fixed a backward incompatible change introduced in Rails 3.2 release (find_or_create_by_* generated methods)

2.2 (Jan 18, 2012)

  • fixed a bug in the initializer file regarding dynamic shortcuts

2.1 (Nov 30, 2011)

  • added syntactic sugar: grant and revoke are aliases for has_role and has_no_role

  • check if RUBY_ENGINE is defined in the gemspec to be able to use jdbc with JRuby for SQLite

2.0 (Nov 10, 2011)

  • improved performance of has_all_roles? method using one single DB query instead of doing one DB lookup per argument

    • significant speed-up when requesting with many arguments

    • database choice can mitigate the results

  • clean up the initializer code

    • using a DSL to configure the library

    • setting defaults for User and Role classes

    • dynamic shortcuts feature is now disabled by default. To turn it on:

      • set it to true in the initializer file

      • uncomment the extend Rolify::Dynamic line in the User class

    • detecting if it's loaded by Rails::Server or Rails::Console

  • now also running on Rubinius, JRuby, REE and Ruby 1.8. all specs pass successfully, yeah !

1.2 (Nov 4, 2011)

  • fixed a strange bug, probably rails related (thanks to @scottkf)

    • when using rails in development mode, the config.cache_classes = false makes the role class to be loaded at every call and can lead to a AssociationTypeMismatch

    • use of role_ids array instead of the roles association

  • now running on JRuby (specs are still failing for JRuby though)

1.1 (Oct 14, 2011)

  • added a spec to test the rails generator using ammeter gem

  • Gemfile cleanup, moved all dependencies in gemspec instead

  • edited the dependency to Rails 3.1 and newer, now that Rails 3.1 has been released

  • new role scoping capabilities

    • instance level : user.has_role "moderator", Forum.first (already supported in previous release). user has the moderator role only on that Forum in particular

    • class level : user.has_role "moderator", Forum. User has the moderator role on all instances of Forum

    • global level : user.has_role "moderator" (already supported in previous release). User has the moderator role globally (e.q. on all resources)

  • new scoped query capabilities

    • user.has_role? "moderator", Forum.first (already supported in previous release). asks if the user has the moderator role on Forum.first instance

    • user.has_role? "moderator", Forum. asks if the user has the moderator role on all Forum instances

    • user.has_role? "moderator" (already supported in previous release). asks if the user has the global moderator role

    • user.has_role? "moderator", :any. asks if the user has at least one moderator role no matter the scope is (instance, class or global).

1.0 (Aug 25, 2011)

  • added a new parameter to disable dynamic shortcut methods due to potential incompatibility with other gems using method_missing with the same pattern

    • add Rolify.dynamic_shortcuts = false in the initializer file or

    • use the generator command with a third parameter:

      • rails g rolify:role Role User false

  • removed the railtie as it created more problems than it solved

  • code refactoring to do some speed improvements and code clean up

  • added a lot of specs to improve tests coverage

  • wrote a tutorial showing how to use rolify with CanCan and Devise

  • rolify is now on travis-ci to monitor build status

0.7 (June 20, 2011)

  • added a method_missing to catch newly created role outside the current ruby process (i.e. dynamic shortcut methods are not defined within this process)

    • dynamic shortcut is created on the fly in the method_missing to avoid extra method_missing for the same dynamic shortcut

    • check if the role actually exists in the database before defining the new method

    • first call is slower due to method_missing but next calls are fast

    • avoid strange bugs when spawning many ruby processes as the dynamic shortcut methods were only defined in the process that used the has_role command

0.6 (June 19, 2011)

  • custom User and Role class names support

    • can now use other class names for Role and User classes

    • fixed generators and templates

    • join table is explicitly set to avoid alphabetical order issue

  • created a new railtie to load the dynamic shortcuts at startup

0.5.1 (June 07, 2011)

  • fixed a nasty typo on a variable name and added a spec to make it never happen again

0.5 (June 07, 2011)

  • dynamic shortcuts support

    • creates automatically new methods upon new role creation (or at startup for a Rails app)

    • has_role "admin" will create a method called is_admin?

    • has_role "moderator", Forum.first will create 2 methods:

      * <tt>is_moderator_of?(resource)</tt>
      * <tt>is_moderator?</tt>

v0.4 (June 07, 2011)

  • removing role support

    • has_no_role removes a global role or a role scoped to a resource

    • Please note that trying to remove a global role whereas the user a role with the same name on a resource will remove that scoped role

    • Trying to remove a role scoped to a resource whereas the user has a global role won't remove it

v0.3 (June 06, 2011)

  • multiple roles check:

    • has_all_roles? returns true if the user has ALL the roles in arguments

    • has_any_role? returns true if the user has ANY the roles in arguments

v0.2 (June 04, 2011)

  • fixed the generator to include the lib

  • fixed the migration file with missing polymorphic field

  • added some examples in documentation

v0.1 (June 04, 2011)

  • first release