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  1. 579 downloads

    fontTest2Win64.7z — OpenGL true type font rendering test

    867KB · Uploaded

  2. 533 downloads — OpenCL rigid body pipeline running 100% on GPU for Mac OSX (tested on Mountain Lion)

    233KB · Uploaded

  3. 1,959 downloads — OpenCL rigid body pipeline with SAT and SAP, running 100% on GPU for AMD and NVIDIA with latest drivers

    654KB · Uploaded

  4. 896 downloads — OpenCL parallel Sweep and Prune broadphase benchmark, tested on AMD, NVIDIA and Intel HD4000 GPUs

    1.1MB · Uploaded

  5. 2,180 downloads

    Accelerating game physics for heterogeneous CPUGPUs.pdf — Acceleration rigid body physics for GPU using OpenCL, AltDevConf presentation

    2.6MB · Uploaded

  6. 2,087 downloads — Experiments with the Native Client SDK

    62.6MB · Uploaded

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