A minimal flexbox grid system named after a cute dog.
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Ginger is a minimal flexbox 12 column grid system named after a cute dog. It doesn't give you any fancy extras like some other frameworks, but what it does give you is a solid lightweight grid system to make developing and designing your next site easy and quick.

Installing Ginger

There are three ways to install Ginger.

  1. Clone the repository or download the files to your project
  2. Install via bower using bower install ginger-grid --save
  3. Install via npm using npm install ginger-grid --save

When setting up the scss file for your project be sure to include the Ginger settings file before importing ginger.scss. An example scss file may look like this:

// Include Ginger
@import 'ginger/settings';
@import 'ginger/ginger';

It's important to note that you may get a compile error if you're not including the path to Ginger when compiling your styles.

You can view all the documentation at gingergrid.com.

Issues / Bugs / Contributions

If you have feedback, find a bug, or want to make contributions, please don't hesitate to open an issue or make a pull request.

Special thanks to Allison Perlis for the rad Ginger logo!