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erxes Inc

Single experience operating system (XOS) to align your entire business

erxes: Free and open fair-code licensed experience operating system (XOS)

Hello 👋

Welcome to erxes, the open source Hubspot alternative.

erxes is an open-source experience operating system (XOS) that enables SaaS providers and digital marketing agencies/developers to create unique experiences that work for all types of businesses. We will change how businesses grow by delivering breakthrough value to our community. Come along on this journey with us!

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Achieving growth and unity within your company is possible with erxes

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  • We welcome pull requests, but we do have several guidelines for contributing and for our sanity. Please read our contributing guide before submitting a Pull Request to the project.
  • As part of our effort to grow and invest in the community, we are excited to share this investment opportunity with you.
  • We have a marketplace that you can place your plugins that you have developed and earn from it. This is the complete guideline to show you how you can make it happen. It’s for anyone who wants to make money doing what they love.


erxes documentation contains instructions for everything you need to know about erxes.

If you still have questions, please contact us! We are happy to help :)

For additional information, you can use any of these channels to get the answer you are looking for:

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erxes XOS is your key to growth and unity.

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    The open-source Hubspot alternative enables SaaS providers and digital marketing agencies/developers to create unique experiences for their entire business.

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