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Source available experience management infrastructure. Pioneering the future of experiences with XOS (Experience Operating System). Hubspot + Qualtrics alternative


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Welcome to erxes, the source available experience management infrastructure. Pioneering the future of experiences through XOS (Experience Operating System), a term coined by us. erxes serves as an alternative to the combined functionalities of Hubspot (CRM & Marketing automation) and Qualtrics (Experience management)

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erxes: the source available experience management infrastructure

Achieving growth and unity within your company is possible with erxes, because it is:

  • 100% free & sustainable: erxes offers a sustainable business model in which both developers and users win. It is the source available software, but even better.
  • 100% customizable: Our plugin-based architecture provides unlimited customization and lets you meet all your needs, no matter how specific they are.
  • 100% privacy: We've designed the erxes platform to retain complete control over your company's sensitive data with no third-party monitoring.
  • 100% in control: You can build any experience you want, where all the channels your business operates on are connected and integrated.

What does erxes mean? How do you pronounce it?

erxes (pronounced 'erk-sis') is a Mongolian word meaning “galaxy”. A galaxy is a system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter bound together by gravity. The word is derived from the Greek galaxias (γαλαξίας), literally 'milky', a reference to the Milky Way galaxy that contains the Solar System. It is branded as “erxes” with all lowercase letters.

erxes - Improving everyday experiences can significantly enhance the quality of life. These small, incremental improvements can lead to substantial benefits and better living. Better living and happier people will have a contagious effect on everything they touch, eventually improving the universe.

What is erxes?

erxes is a secure, self-hosted, and scalable source available experience management infrastructure that enables SaaS providers and digital marketing agencies/developers to create unique experiences that work for all types of business. You can learn more about erxes architecture in our documentation.

erxes XOS & Plugins

erxes is composed of 2 main components: XOS & Plugins

XOS: It contains the project's core. You can find the admin panel and the code that runs different plugins. The operating system comes with utility features that allow users to customize, improve speed, and enhance the experience along with plugins/features.

Plugins: erxes comes with a set of plugins that allow you to create unique customer experiences. Below is a list of some plugins you can choose from our marketplace after you’ve finished installing erxes XOS:

  • Team Inbox - Combine real-time client and team communication with in-app messaging, live chat, email, and form, so your customers can reach you, however, and whenever they want.
  • Messenger - Enable businesses to capture every single customer feedback and educate customers through knowledge-base right from the erxes Messenger.
  • Sales Management - Easy and clear sales funnels allow you to control your sales pipeline from one responsive field by precisely analyzing your progress and determining your next best move for success.
  • Lead generation - Turn regular visitors into qualified leads by capturing them with a customizable landing page, forms, pop-up, or embed placements.
  • Engage - Start converting your prospects into potential customers through email, SMS, messenger, or more interactions to drive them to a successful close.
  • Contact Management - Access our all-in-one CRM system in one go, so it’s easier to coordinate and manage your customer interactions.
  • Knowledgebase - Educate your customers and staff by creating a help center related to your brands, products, and services to reach a higher level of satisfaction.
  • Task Management - Create a more collaborative, self-reliant and cross-linked team. See more on our website.

Getting Started

Read the documentation to install erxes locally.

🖐 Requirements

Complete installation requirements can be found in the documentation under installation requirements.

Supported operating systems:

  • Ubuntu v20.04 or higher
  • macOS Mojave or higher


  • NodeJS v12.0 or higher
  • NPM >= 6.x


  • MongoDB 3.6+
  • Redis 3.x+
  • RabbitMQ 3.8.x+
  • Elasticsearch

Software package managing systems:

  • Homebrew (optional)
  • Yarn
  • Xcode (optional)

We recommend always using the latest version of erxes to start your new projects. Enjoy 🎉

Become a partner

Offer your expertise to the world and introduce your community to erxes. Let’s start growing together.


Please read our contributing guide before submitting a Pull Request to the project.

Community support

For general help using erxes, please refer to the erxes documentation. For additional help, you can use one of these channels to ask a question:


See the LICENSE file for licensing information.