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ECMAScript Shims

A community host for shims and polyfills that are compliant to EcmaScript specs.


  1. es5-shim es5-shim Public

    ECMAScript 5 compatibility shims for legacy (and modern) JavaScript engines

    JavaScript 7.1k 969

  2. es6-shim es6-shim Public

    Forked from paulmillr/es6-shim

    ECMAScript 6 compatibility shims for legacy JS engines

    JavaScript 673 84

  3. globalThis globalThis Public

    ECMAScript spec-compliant polyfill/shim for `globalThis`.

    JavaScript 154 12

  4. Promise.prototype.finally Promise.prototype.finally Public

    ES Proposal spec-compliant shim for Promise.prototype.finally

    JavaScript 135 9

  5. Promise.allSettled Promise.allSettled Public

    ES Proposal spec-compliant shim for Promise.allSettled

    JavaScript 95 9

  6. es-shim-api es-shim-api Public

    API contract, and rudimentary tests, for modules that conform to the *es-shim API*

    JavaScript 71 5


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