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Add testling support #201

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Add and configure a TAP reporter for jasmine, so we can run tests in testling.


Not sure how set you are on testling, but I dig sauce labs because I didn't have to rewrite my tests or use a tap adapter. Because I'm using their rest api I simply exposed a global and added my sauce runner and travis.yml additions and was off. It also supports tags, screencasts of fails, allows testing on IE compat modes, and allows parallel runs so testing finishes faster.

I've experienced queueing when I've tried to view failing test recreations with testling/browserling, that doesn't happen with sauce. Also sauce has pretty rad support in irc #saucelabs & their site "report an issue", a twitter account for operational details, and supports a rest api (which I use) and has grunt plugins too.


As long as they give accurate successes and failures, I see no reason not to use both. I'd be happy to accept a pull request with all the code changes to set up sauce labs (including, ideally, a clean report image for the README) and instructions for what admin stuff I need to do to enable it.

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