A voxel based exploration game
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A voxel based exploration game


I've moved on to other projects and sadly do not have time for this one - please feel free to fork the code base if you're interested in modifying the game (license is public domain).

The source may also be useful for seeing how to put together a simple OpenGL game engine. This is primarily an intellectual exercise, I suggest using an established game enigne or a wrapper around OpenGL if you are focused on game design.


  • use cellular automata to create a dynamic and unpredictable environment
  • implement a world generator that creates highly appealing terrain
  • allow players to, if they desire, always move towards increasingly dangerous situations

install with maven

The project is now mavenised. To run using maven use:

mvn install exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="Hexel.Hexel"

You can also import the project into eclipse by installing the m2eclipse plugin, then choosing Import,Maven,Existing Maven Projects.

you may also have to make eclipse aware of your maven classpath

playing the game:

  • download the appropriate file from here
  • Hexel.sh should work on linux and mac, Hexel.dmg is nicely packaged for os x (I think it works)
  • DISCLAIMER: This may or may not work on your computer