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An etheruem payment provider plugin for pretix
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Pretix Ethereum Payment Provider


!! This plugin is not ready for 3rd party production use yet. If you want to use it you must really understand the code !! PRs to make it production ready and more eyes on this code are most welcome!

What is this

This is a plugin for pretix. This plugin supports both Ethereum and DAI.


It started with ligi suggesting pretix for Ethereum Magicians.

Then it was used for Ethereum Magicians in Paris (shout out to boris for making this possible) - but accepting ETH or DAI was a fully manual process there.

Afterwards boris put up some funds for a gitcoin bounty to make a plugin that automates this process. And nanexcool increased the funds and added the requirement for DAI.

The initial version was developed by vic-en but he vanished from the project after cashing in the bounty money and left the plugin in a non-working state.

Then the idea came up to use this plugin for DevCon5 and the plugin was forked to this repo and ligi, david sanders, piper meriam, rami, Pedro Gomes, and Jamie Pitts brought it to a state where it is usable for DevCon5 (still a lot of work to be done to make this a good plugin). Currently, it is semi-automatic. But it now has ERC-681 and Web3Connect/WalletConnect support. If you want to dig a bit into the problems that emerged short before the launch you can have a look at this issue

Development setup

  1. Make sure that you have a working pretix development setup.
  2. Clone this repository, e.g. to local/pretix-eth-payment-plugin.
  3. Activate the virtual environment you created for your local pretix site that was created in step 1.
  4. Execute pip install -e .[dev] within the pretix-eth-payment-plugin repo directory.
  5. Restart your local pretix server. You can now use the plugin from this repository for your events by enabling it in the 'plugins' tab in the pretix site's admin settings.
  6. Head to the plugin settings page to set the deposit address for both Ethereum and DAI.


Copyright 2019 Victor (

Released under the terms of the Apache License 2.0

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