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@sommerlukas sommerlukas released this Jun 14, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

The new TaPaSCo release 2019.6 bundles a whole lot of improvements:

  • Features:

    • Detailed status information: TaPaSCo will now print detailed status information in every step of the process, e.g. bitstream composition, giving you insights on how long each step took.
    • Faster bitstream building: Via the --effortLevel-switch, you can now select between different options for the effort level of synthesis and PnR. This allows you to trade compilation time for QoR or vice versa. In addition to this new switch, we have also removed the power report step from the default compilation process to further reduce bitstream compilation times.
    • Better import: We have completely overhauled the import-command. The evaluation of IP-cores now fully understands the IP-XACT format, making TaPaSCo's core-import compatibel with vendor IP packaging.
    • Less disk pollution: We have added the switch --deleteProjects to the TaPaSCo CLI. This switch lets you control whether TaPaSCo will keep all intermediate files (such as the Vivado project) or delete them. This lets you save tons of disk space in case you are only interested in the final result of DSE- or compose-run.
    • No unnecessary DSE runs: In case PEs occupy more than one slave slots, TaPaSCo DSE will not anymore waste time on building compositions that exceed the maximum number of slave slots (128).
  • Stability improvements:
    With this release, we have improved the stability of TaPaSCo in a number of places. This includes bitstream generation for Xilinx ZCU102, the reliability of PCIE interrupts, which are now actively acknowledged, and a generalized LED feature for all platforms.

  • Supported tools:
    TaPaSCo can now officially run on Ubuntu 19.04 and Fedora 31 and supports Xilinx Vivado 2019.1.

  • Community:
    TaPaSCo now has an official contributor's guide for people interested in contributing to the development of TaPaSCo.

As always, we provide archives containing packages for the TaPaSCo runtime as well as the kernel module for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Fedora Workstation 30 for download here. Check out the CI pipeline artifacts for binaries for even more OS versions (Ubuntu & Fedora).

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