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ConfigASDK.ps1 (updated for asdk build 1.0.171122.1)


The purpose of this script is to automate as much as possible post deployment tasks in Azure Stack Development Kit This include :

  • Set password expiration
  • Disable windows update on all infrastructures VMs and ASDK host
  • Tools installation (git, azstools, Azure Stack PS module)
  • Windows Server 2016 and Ubuntu 16.04-LTS images installation
  • Creates VM scale set gallery item
  • MySQL Resource Provider Installation
  • SQL Resource Provider Installation
  • Deployment of a MySQL 5.7 hosting Server on Windows Server 2016 Core
  • Deployment of a SQL 2014 hosting server on Windows 2016
  • AppService prerequisites deployments (fileserver and sqlserver vms)
  • AppService Resource Provider sources download to c:\Temp\appservice and certificate generations
  • Set new default Quotas for Compute, Network, Storage and keyvault
  • Create a simple offer and plan to provide IaaS capabilities to tenants
  • install usefull ASDK Host apps via Chocolatey (Visual Studio Code - putty - WinSCP - Chrome - Azure CLI)


  • Login as azurestack\azurestackadmin on your ASDK host.

  • Open an elevated powershell window and run the script with the following parameters:

      -AAD switch if you are using Azure AD otherwise the script will assume this is an ADFS deployment. 
      -rppassword "YourPassword"; this will be the administrator password set for each vm deployed for PaaS services
      -ISOPath "c:\xxx\xx.iso" ; specify the path to your Windows Server 2016 Datacenter evaluation iso file
  • You will be prompted for credentials twice. (for azurestackadmin account and for your service admin account if AAD or azurestack\cloudadmin if ADFS)

  • mysqlrp and sqlrp administrator account will be "cloudadmin". These logins are also applicable for hosting servers.

  • fileserver vm for appservice will use fileshareowner as administrator account

Post script actions

This script can take up to 6 hours to finish. Once the script is finished you have to complete the following:

Usage Example:

.\ConfigASDK.ps1 -AAD -rppassword "mypassword" -ISOPath "c:\flat\14393.0.161119-1705.RS1_REFRESH_SERVER_EVAL_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO"

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