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-# Intro
+**Zimt is now out of date and no longer maintained**.
-Zimt is a collection of various utilities that should help you with iPhone Objective-C development. Pretty much like Facebook's Three20, but less UI-Oriented
+For a more complete and up-to-date Objective-C websocket implementation, take a look at [SocketRocket](
-# Adding Zimt to your project
+iOS Simulator now supports simulating location, also obsoleting the `ZTFakeLocationManager`.
-1. Drag and drop Zimt.xcodeproj to your project's "Groups & Files" sidebar. Make sure "Copy items" is unchecked and "Reference Type" is set to "Relative to Project"
-2. From newly added Zimt.xcodeproj, drag and drop libZimt.a to "Targets" > Your application target > "Link binaries with Library"
-3. Under "Targets", right click your Application target, choose "Get Info" and under "General" tab add direct dependency to "Zimt"
-5. Include Zimt headers in your project: Under "Project" > "Edit Project Settings", go to "Build" tab. Search for "Header Search Paths" and double-click
- it. Add the relative path from your project's directory to the "zimt/src" directory
-6. Setup the debug macro: in "Projects" > "Edit Project Settings", under "Build tab", choose "Debug Configuration". Search for "Preprocessor macros", add DEBUG=1
-7. If you're using ZTWebSocket, you need to add the CFNetwork to your project. Right click on the "Frameworks" group in your project (or equivalent) and
- select "Add" > "Existing Frameworks". Locate CFNetwork.framework and add it to the project.
-# What's inside
-## ZTFakeLocationManager
-CLLocationManager subclass that can read a list of waypoints from a file and simulate location updates. Meant to be used on simulator for testing. See samples/FakeLocation
-## ZTWebSocket
-Objective-C websocket implementation (based on AsyncSocket)
+So long, and thanks for all this fish!

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