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Android Image Picker

No config yet highly configurable image picker for Android

Android Arsenal - ImagePicker jitpack - android image picker


Click to see how image picker looks


Add this to your project's build.gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }

And add this to your module's build.gradle

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.esafirm:android-image-picker:x.y.z'

change x.y.z to version in the release page


For full example, please refer to the sample app.

Also you can browse the issue labeled as question here

Start image picker activity

The simplest way to start

val launcher = registerImagePicker {
    // handle result here


Complete features of what you can do with ImagePicker

val config = ImagePickerConfig {
    mode = ImagePickerMode.SINGLE // default is multi image mode
    language = "in" // Set image picker language
    theme =

    // set whether pick action or camera action should return immediate result or not. Only works in single mode for image picker
    returnMode = if (returnAfterCapture) ReturnMode.ALL else ReturnMode.NONE

    isFolderMode = folderMode // set folder mode (false by default)
    isIncludeVideo = includeVideo // include video (false by default)
    isOnlyVideo = onlyVideo // include video (false by default)
    arrowColor = Color.RED // set toolbar arrow up color
    folderTitle = "Folder" // folder selection title
    imageTitle = "Tap to select" // image selection title
    doneButtonText = "DONE" // done button text
    limit = 10 // max images can be selected (99 by default)
    isShowCamera = true // show camera or not (true by default)
    savePath = ImagePickerSavePath("Camera") // captured image directory name ("Camera" folder by default)
    savePath =
        ImagePickerSavePath(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().path, isRelative = false) // can be a full path

    excludedImages = images.toFiles() // don't show anything on this selected images
    selectedImages = images  // original selected images, used in multi mode

If you want to call it outside Activity or Fragment, you can get the Intent with createImagePickerIntent

Please note: handling in onActivityResult is not recommended since it's already deprecated in favor of the new result API

val intent = createImagePickerIntent(context, ImagePickerConfig())
startActivityForResult(intent, RC_IMAGE_PICKER)

Receive result

when you're done picking images, result will be returned on launcher callback with type List<Image>. This list cannot be null but can be empty

val launcher = registerImagePicker { result: List<Image> ->
    result.forEach { image ->

Camera Only

Use CameraOnlyConfig instead of ImagePickerConfig

val launcher = registerImagePicker { }

You also still can use the DefaultCameraModule but discouraged to do it.


Version 2.x.x

If you still use the previous version, you can check 2.x branch in here

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