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PostCSS plugin to generate TypeScript types from your CSS class names.

It generates a global ClassNames type which is a union of all classes used in your project whether written by you or from a framework such as Bootstrap or Tailwind (which can get bit too slow).

Ex. for css

.button {
    background: green;

.button-danger {
    background: red;

you'll get

type ClassNames = "button" | "button-danger";

With it you can create a helper function like

function cn(...args: ClassNames[]) {
    return args.join(" ");

and have your editor autocomplete and validate the class names:

vscode demo


Install the plugin

npm install postcss-ts-classnames

In your PostCSS config add it close to the end before optimizing plugins such as cssnano or purgecss:

module.exports = {
    plugins: [

            dest: "src/classnames.d.ts",
            // Set isModule if you want to import ClassNames from another file
            isModule: true,
            exportAsDefault: true, // to use in combination with isModule

            content: ["./src/**/*.html"],


There's also a ts-classnames module which is re-exported version of the original classnames which uses the generated ClassNames type to validate the class names


npm install ts-classnames


import { cn } from "ts-classnames";

Vanilla JavaScript

If you don't use TypeScript you can still leverage this as VSCode can pick up TypeScript types from JSDoc comments so you can do

 * @param {ClassNames[]} args
function cn(...args) {
    return args.join(" ");

This will give the autocomplete but if you want the class names checking you can add // @ts-check to the top of the file.

The ts-classnames will work with Vanilla JS too.