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Maven Enforcer custom rule to verify file checksums
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Maven Enforcer Checksum Rule

This is a custom rule for the maven-enforcer-plugin to verify the checksum of a file. To use in your project, add to your enforcer plugin configuration. For example, to ensure that you have the correct Oracle JDBC jars:

                    <fileChecksum implementation="ph.samson.maven.enforcer.rule.checksum.FileChecksum">
                    <fileChecksum implementation="ph.samson.maven.enforcer.rule.checksum.FileChecksum">

By default, SHA1 is used. Set the type parameter to specify a different algorithm. Possible values are:

  • "crc32"
  • "crc32c"
  • "md5"
  • "sha1"
  • "sha256"
  • "sha512"
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