Relay alerts from Amazon CloudWatch to a room.
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Amazon CloudWatch to Slack

Relay alerts from Amazon CloudWatch to a Slack room.

This code is 100% based on Amazon CloudWatch to Hipchat and it could not be possible without it.



Deploy your application to to Heroku:

cd /path/to/wherever
git clone

cd amazon-cloudwatch-to-slack
heroku apps:create
heroku config:set 'SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL='
git push heroku master

You can optionally set a diferent slack channel, username or avatar to customize messages:

heroku config:set SLACK_CHANNEL=#yourchannel\
                  SLACK_USERNAME="AWS CloudWatch" \
                  SLACK_ICON_URL="" \

Notice that SLACK_ICON_URL and SLACK_ICON_EMOJI are mutually exclusive.

Additional configuration parameters for SES notifications:

heroku config:set SLACK_SES_CHANNEL=#otherchannel\
                  SLACK_SES_USERNAME="AWS SES" \
                  SLACK_SES_ICON_URL="" \

Or just push the button:


Setup Amazon SNS:

  • Create a new Topic, or select an existing Topic
  • Add a New Subscription to the topic
  • Select HTTPS, and paste in your HTTPS URL to your Heroku application

Setup Amazon CloudWatch:

  • Create or modify an alert
  • Select the "Send Notification" action
  • Select the SNS topic you created / updated in the previous step