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You got a blog project built by Hexo. Your project directory should like this:

_config.yml  node_modules  package.json  public  scaffolds  source  themes


  • Clone the repository.
git clone themes/clover
  • Set theme in _config.yml file of the project root:
theme: clover
  • Add hexo-renderer-sass
npm install hexo-renderer-sass --save


Free home page.

You can set posts of specific categories or tags in home page.

  # set card style of home page
  # card: project-card
  category: Projects
    - js
    - css
  except_category: Something
  except_tag: 'someTag'

Post which belongs to category or tag and don't belongs to except_category or except_tag will be filtered.

Page excerpt and photos

You can set an excerpt or photos in Front-matter.

layout: post
title: my_post_title
excerpt: my_post_excerpt
photos: [my_photo_url]

Tags page.

  • Create a page named tags
    hexo new page "tags"
  • Edit tags page, set page layout to tag.
    layout: tag
    title: tags
    date: 2018-10-05 12:12:53

Categories page.

  • Create a page named categories
    hexo new page "categories"
  • Edit categories page, set page layout to category.
    layout: category
    title: categories
    date: 2018-10-05 12:12:53

About page.

  • Create a page named about
    hexo new page "about"
  • Edit categories page, set page layout to about.
    layout: about
    title: about
    date: 2018-10-05 12:12:53

Social Media

  GitHub: your-url
  Dribbble: your-url
  Behance: your-url
  Lofter: your-url
  Instagram: your-url

Custom Menu

  Project: /
  Stuffs: /tags/Stuffs
  Archive: /archives
  About: /about

Card Style

Two kinds of card style: project-card and article-card. (Never mind the name.)

  home: project-card
  archive: article-card
  tag: article-card
  category: article-card