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React Production Deployment

The repo contains examples on how to deploy your React application to Netlify, Now and Heroku.

Each directory is a separate project containing all the necessary code to deploy to each platform and we deploy the same app to the different platforms.

The App

The React app is very basic in nature, it calls an Express.js and/or Lambda Functions API with only one POST route and one GET route.

The GET route returns “Hello from Express” and the POST route is just one field that when posting it returns “I received your POST request. This is what you sent me: [from input]”.

The app also has client side routing with React Router that navigates to a secondary page and displays a 404 page when we enter a URL that does not exist.

You can see the app below

React Production Deploy Demo App

Upon loading, React calls the Express.js and/or Lambda Function GET endpoint and displays a message. When submitting the single field form, React calls the Express.js and/or Lambda Function POST endpoint and displays a message.

The Tutorials

Giving Back

If you would like to support my work and the time I put into making tutorials, consider getting me a coffee by clicking on the image below. I would really appreciate it!

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