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Shell script to remotely control several aspects of Pokemon Go in android devices.
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Script that automates and facilitates spoofing in Pokémon Go, remotely controlling Android devices via a PC.

Backup and switch features require a rooted device. Pointer Location might as well.

Features and Usage:

-d,  --device [ID]      Selects which device to use (see adb devices).
                              If not passed, all devices are used simultaneously.
                              If it's a integer number, uses only the nth device listed.
-f,  --fetch-clipboard Syncs clipboard from device -> to computer.
                              Requires Android 7 or higher and clipper installed.
-p,  --paste-clipboard Syncs the clipboard from computer -> to device, while pasting.
                              Requires Android 7 or higher and clipper installed.
-l, --pointer-location Toggles pointer-location (tracking) on the device(s).
-t, --auto-teleport    Teleports all connected devices to any coordinate in your clipboard.
-s, --switch           Makes a backup of the current profile, and switches to a new one.
                              Useful for using multiple accounts, as all your data (incl. teams,
                              sound configs, etc) will actually be backed up as well.
-b, --backup           Makes a backup of the current profile.


  1. Auto teleport all devices connected to adb

    This assumes you're using GPS Joystick by TheAppNinjas.

    • Add a key shortcut configured to run PGoControl -t
    • Copy any coordinate on your computer.
    • Press the key combination: all connected devices will teleport to the coordinate in your clipboard. You can also add more than one shortcut, one for each device (eg.: Ctrl+Shift+1, Ctrl+Shift+2) and pass the -d argument for each one, with PGoControl -t -d 1
  2. Send you PC clipboard and paste it into the device:

    This assumes you have clipper installed into your device.

    • Add a key shortcut to PGoControl -p
    • Copy any text – Press the key combination: all connected devices will paste the text you had on your PC's clipboard.

And so on...

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