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Given a coordinate list, automatically jumps and spins pokestops with the same quest, one by one and respecting CD, whilst storing the rewards on your quest storage.
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(Decent name suggestions are welcome). — Not as much as PRs though! :P

This is a work in progress, currently working but requires perodically watching the device in case it gets stuck. Also this is all the documentation there is. If you're here you probably know what you're doing.

How to use

  1. Set up config.yaml to match your device's resolution.
  2. Zoom all the way in, preferably with compass pointing north.
  3. Set up a list of coordinates of pokestops with the same quest.

BEWARE: Currently the only quest that this works with is "Spin X number of pokestops".

Following fixes of bugs and general structure, quests of type "Trade X pokémons" are the next in line.


Oh, also:

  1. Install all python libraries dependencies. And no.. I have not generated a requirements.txt yet.
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