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Automatic Pokémon Go trader for either one device running two parallel instances (Island, Dual Apps, etc) or two devices with one instance each.
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This script does auto-trading between two simultaneous applications running on the same device (using Island, MIUI's Dual Apps, and so on).

Should work with other Dual App solutions as well, as long as the switch_app() co-routine is able to switch between both instances.


You only need to perform this steps once

  • Download all the files from this repository.
  • Install adb, make sure it's on your systems PATH, alternatively you can place adb in the same folder as
  • Install clipper in your device and start the service.
  • Install Python >=3.7 (older versions will not work).
  • Set up config.yaml, most of the options are documented there.

How to use

  • Open both apps.
  • Go to Friends, and open the friend screen (in both apps).
  • Run python
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