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cache_store = {} # The cache store
default_ttl = 5000 # Default time to live to 5 seconds
cache_store = (callback,key,value) ->
callback null, value if callback
cache_store[key] = value
cache_retrieve = (callback,key) ->
if key == "2" # Data just to simulate when the cache function can be slower than the slow_function
setTimeout callback, 3000, null, cache_store[key]
callback null, cache_store[key]
memoize = (slow_fn, opts = {})->
if typeof slow_fn is "function"
# Get the arguments from the function
slow_fn_callback = arguments[0]
input = arguments[1]
ttl = opts.ttl or default_ttl
sendCallback = (err,value, where_it_comes_from)->
console.log "From #{where_it_comes_from}"
slow_fn_callback err, value
sendCallback = null
# The first function completed will return the result through the sendCallback
# function that is emitted. In both cases the cache will be updated
process.nextTick ->
cache_retrieve ((err, value)->
sendCallback err,, "cache" if sendCallback and value and value.ttl >
), input
process.nextTick ->
slow_fn.apply(this, [((err,value)->
sendCallback err, value, "slow_function" if sendCallback
# Refresh the cache, so that this tick isn't useless if the cache response was faster
cache_store null, input, {data: value, ttl: + ttl}
), input])
module.exports = memoize