An Emacs mode for programming screencasts of Emacs usage.
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An Emacs mode for programming screencasts of Emacs usage.

The screenast-mode.el is self-documenting just load it in Emacs, and type

M-x screencast-screencast-producer


M-x screencast-screencast-user
  • The screencasts can be use by the lazy guys and gals who do not want to read the info-page for an Emacs mode.

  • compared to the info-page of a mode: screencast-mode displays the capabilities of a mode, instead of just describing them

  • the screencast can be modified easily to work with the most recent version of a mode

  • the screencasts will fail if Emacs is missing the described mode

  • example screencasts are available in /screencasts

  • example screencasts have been uploaded to YouTube as well, ex.: graphviz-dot-mode at YouTube


screencast-record.el can record a video of the screencasts.

You can try it out by loading the file and evaluating the following:

  '("This is the test of the screencast-record" n
    "You can check the result in ~/screencast-record-test.ogv")

You might want to look at the following two variables, as screen settings might vary



screencast-record.el depends on the following external programs:

  • recordmydesktop: for recording the emacs window

  • wmctrl: for fetching the name of the emacs window, and handing it to recordmydesktop