A dummy example making django-tastypie and ember.js work together
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synopis:A dummy application following the MVC pattern with Ember.js

It can be used as skeleton to develop more complex apps.

I created this app as a proof of concept to test a REST client using ember-data that connects to a REST server provided by Django Tastypie. This app is mainly useful to test the DjangoTastypieAdapter.


$ pip install -r requirements.txt

$ cd djangoapp

$ python manage.py syncdb

$ python manage.py runserver


The goal of this app is testing several kinds of ember-data synchronization with a Django REST server:

  • Adding new users with the text input commits automatically
  • Editing detail properties keep changes in the store memory till the "save changes" button is pressed
  • Marking done visits will both edit and create content commiting it


If you just want to check the ember.js code, check it out at app.js