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Escalante SBT plugin

User Guide

First of all, install latest SBT following steps here. Escalante requires SBT version 0.12.x or higher.

Set up Escalante SBT plugin in your project

To add Escalante SBT plugin to your build, add the following to project/project/Escalante.scala:

import sbt._
import Keys._

object Escalante extends Build {

  lazy val pluginProject = Project("plugins", file(".")).settings(
    resolvers ++= Seq(
      "JBoss repository" at "",
      "Project Odd repository" at "")

  lazy val sbtEscalante = uri("git://")


Now, add the following to your root build.sbt file:

import sbt._
import sbt.Keys._
import io.escalante.sbt.EscalantePlugin._
import io.escalante.sbt.EscalantePlugin.EscalanteKeys._


Build a Escalante Lift war

To build a Escalante Lift war, simply run the following from the SBT console:

> escalante-lift-war

By default, this will generate a WAR file called ROOT.war including compiled classes and resources in src/webapp. This war file will also include a META-INF/escalante.yml file which, unless present already in the webapp resource, it will be generated from the build metadata information.

The following options are configurable:

  • liftWarName := "ROOT.war": defines the name of the WAR file to generate (default value shown).
  • liftVersion: defines the Lift version of this application, which is primarily used to populate the correct Lift version in the generated META-INF/escalante.yml descriptor. The default value is extracted from the Lift dependencies defined in the build.

Deploy and Run a Escalante Lift war

To run a Escalante Lift application, simply run the following from the SBT console:

> escalante-run

This task will first compile classes, call escalante-lift-war to generate the Escalante Lift war archive, and finally it'll start an Escalante instance where it will deploy the war archive.

The following options are configurable:

  • escalanteVersion := "0.3.0" defines the Escalante version in which to run the Lift application (default value shown).

Contributor Guide

Getting started as a Contributor

This section focuses on the steps required to build Escalante SBT plugin:

  1. Install latest SBT following steps here.

  2. Execute SBT from root of Escalante SBT source code:

    [g@:~/sbt-escalante.git]% sbt
  3. If you want to import source code into IntelliJ, type:

    > gen-idea

Running unit tests

Escalante SBT plugin contains a bunch unit tests which can be run executing the following from the SBT console:

> scripted

Alternatively, you can run individual unit tests this way:

> scripted sbt-escalante/run-escalante

Publishing Plugin Snapshots

To publish a SNAPSHOT of this SBT plugin you need to have credentials to be able to push to JBoss Nexus repository. Once you have these credentials, create a file in .ivy2/.credentials with these contents:

realm=Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager

Once that file is in place, execute the following from the SBT console:

> publish

Forcing applications to use new Plugin Snapshots

TODO (should just work...