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A game to allow your family and friends to guess the birthdate, time, name and sex of your baby. Setup and use to announce the upcoming birth of your child!

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This is a basic setup for the baby game:

1) unpack tarball for a directory called babygame, put this in your 
   site somewhere, for example http://<your-site>/babygame.

2) You need to create a Mysql database called 'babygame'.

3) The baby.sql file contains the needed SQL statements 
   to create the babygame 'database' and 'guesses' table.

3) Edit the file, adjusting the DB_* variables
   to point to your db server, with your db user and password:

		// Database settings.
		define( "DB_SERVER",    "localhost: );
		define( "DB_USER",      "babygame" );	
		define( "DB_PASSWORD",  "your-password" );	
		define( "DB_DATABASE",  "babygame" );	

4) Edit the file, adjusting the ADMIN_GAME variable
   to point to a valid email that is to receive warning emails each
   time a vote is made on the site:

		// admin processors of tech reports:
		define( "ADMIN_GAME", "" );

   Set the other settings for your game (examples included here):

                // some general info.
                define( "FAMILYNAME", "PAPILLAULT" );
                define( "DUEDATE", "October 14th, 2007" );
                define( "ENDSUBMITS", "2007-11-14" );

5) Point a link on your baby site to the file babygame.php and enjoy:

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