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@@ -26,15 +26,15 @@ persist between pushes of your repo.
Environment Variables
-OpenShift Express provides several environment variables to reference for ease
+OpenShift provides several environment variables to reference for ease
of use. The following list are some common variables but far from exhaustive:
$_ENV['OPENSHIFT_APP_NAME'] - Application name
- $_ENV['OPENSHIFT_APP_DIR'] - Application dir
+ $_ENV['OPENSHIFT_GEAR_DIR'] - Application dir
$_ENV['OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR'] - For persistent storage (between pushes)
$_ENV['OPENSHIFT_TMP_DIR'] - Temp storage (unmodified files deleted after 10 days)
-When embedding a database using rhc-ctl-app, you can reference environment
+When embedding a database using 'rhc add cartridge add', you can reference environment
variables for username, host and password:
@@ -11,11 +11,11 @@ Create an account at
Create a php-5.3 application
- rhc-create-app -a phpmongotweet -t php-5.3
+ rhc app create -a phpmongotweet -t php-5.3
Add MongoDB support to your application
- rhc-ctl-app -a phpmongotweet -e add-mongodb-2.0
+ rhc app cartridge add -a phpmongotweet -c mongodb-2.0
Add this upstream phpmongotweet repo

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