Sets up an OSX alias to toggle a system SOCKS proxy through Tor.
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Tor Proxy Toggle

Gives you a torprox command to toggle a Tor SOCKS proxy for OSX Yosemite.

Your web browser will then be able to run much of its traffic through Tor.

It will help bypassing certain firewalls or regional censorship. Not intended for anonymity. OSX leaks all kinds of stuff that won't funnel through this proxy.

Configured to route traffic through a US-based exit node on the Tor network.


Download the zip file from here, or the Download button to the right.

Unzip, and:

$ cd tor-proxy-toggle/
$ bash

After installation, if torprox doesn't become available in the same window, open a new terminal window and try it there.


  • OSX might prompt you to install command line developer tools... follow those prompts.
  • Also, Homebrew may require sudo permissions and prompt you for your password.
  • The proxy toggle script will execute networksetup -setsocksfirewallproxy, which apparently requires sudo permissions.
  • There are probably installation issues for all kinds of edge cases that I didn't think of. Feel free to contribute a pull request, or file an issue


After installation you will have a commandline alias to toggle your system SOCKS proxy on/off, with traffic routed through Tor:

$ torprox

Check your new IP address from or something like that.


  • Support older versions of OSX (networksetup has different syntax, params, etc)
  • Add option to select preferred country as exit node.
  • Refactor, DRY
  • Better fail messages